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Vanig Jelilian


As a master jeweller,  Vanig started his craft at the age of sixteen. A certified goldsmith, having love and passion for gems and jewellery Vanig started the business 1978 and has built a reputation for designing fine jewellery. His quick smile & tenor voice reveals his zest for life. Vanig selects the stones personally with the finest, exquisite cut, at affordable prices. When asked, Vanig feels blessed  to be able to bring joy to you with his designs of fine pieces of jewellery to grace your life.

Raffi Kevorkian


Raffi is a designer and gemologist who has been designing jewellery since the age of 18. With his years of experience and imagination, Raffi will take you on a design journey by listening to your ideas, incorpoorating your wishes into his creative process and work with you through all the small details to turn your jewellery idea into a piece of art.

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